Software Development Issues in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry

“Japanese manufacturing” refers to the automotive industry and its parts manufacturers, electrical manufacturers, NC, and other manufacturers. In particular, electronics manufacturers have lost market share in terms of market capitalization compared to 20 years ago.[]

(What is happening)

I am wondering that one of factor is the poor software development capability of Japanese manufacturers. (However, main reason is corporate strategy.) Many manufacturers in Japan were good at mechanisms and electric circuits, but not so good at embedded software. They have chronic problems about that. Now, their competitive edge for mechanical skill and electric skill are losing .

(Why that situation?)

I think reasons are below.

  • Low-productivity corporates do not go out of business and, hence, metabolism does not occur.
  • The software development system of the historic company cannot be changed.

In my next post, I will consider the reasons why the corporate structure has not been able to change.

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